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3D and Virtual models of city can help to run cities more economical, sustainable and eco-friendly way.

New Virtual Reality technologies and techniques can be a great tool for future way of designing, developing, maintaining and decision making processes to update existing and building new cities, their parts and all systems.

3D and Virtual models of city can help to run cities more economical, sustainable and eco-friendly way.

We can call  these virtual models of cities as twin cities and use them along with geo-spatial big data we dig and get from the area to discover and analyze more invisible processes undergoing around urban development.
It may help  for example also to visualize areas affected by some catastrophic situations like flood and many more. You can simulate different situation in transportation, electricity, water or goods distribution, collision processes or other.

3D models can can be used for :

  • 3D GIS and Web applications
  • Engineering and construction
  • Urban design and town planning
  • Games and Virtual Reality
  • Visual effects, advertising and media

3D models may be used for many reason and purpose for they need is very wide. From film industry to development process and many more. The following example, also from Melbourne is using the same model created the same technology which was used for visual effects work.

The following model show San Francisco. Done by Aerometrex, expending its 3D modelling service in response to a growing demand for 3D city models in the US. With our strategic US partner Mira Solutions, we are now in a position to capture and generate fully textured high resolution (2-3 cm) and location accurate 3D models of any locations within the USA.

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Very special meeting at Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics in Prague.

Ing.arch. Michal Postranecky


Historically the first meeting of (Smart) City Idea Lab senior advisers group (and friends) at CIIRC in Prague. Více informací

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BIM ve stavebnictví 2017

Ing.arch. Michal Postranecky


Nadace pro rozvoj stavitelství a architektury a Rada BIM společně organizují 3. konferenci BIM ve stavebnictví 2017 a Miniexpo Technologie a produkty pro uplatnění BIM. Těším se na vybornou atmosféru i svoji prezentaci! Více informací

Architecture | Other

Prague Summer School, Architecture, Cities, Business

Ing.arch. Michal Postranecky


I agreed to prepare a lecture about Future Smart Cities for Prague Summer School, Architecture, Cities, Business. It is for the first time when architecture will be included in this program. My lecture will be about new opportunities Smart Cities could bring to us. Více informací


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