Martin Macaš

Individual Member | Czech Republic

Seminar How to Support Local Governments in Italy and across Europe?

​I am attending right now. Look at the brief description provided by organizers.

Description of the event from the organizers:

This event is jointly organized by Urban Europe Research Alliance, JPI Urban Europe, the SET-Plan Action 3.2 on Positive Energy Districts, the Action Cluster Integrated Planning, Policies and Regulation of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities, SCC-01 project Smarter Together and STARDUST, European energy award, and Tuscan Organisation of Universities and Research for Europe. Its aim is to bring together a wide range of key stakeholders around integrated planning and implementation of smart and energy-efficient solutions in cities, to discuss not only how the efforts to make cities more sustainable can be stepped up and bring about wider replication in the next years, but also which agenda for research and innovation should be defined in order to build more collective intelligence and transformative capacity supporting local governments, not only under Horizon Europe but also under national Re-search and Innovation agendas and under JPI urban Europe’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda 2.0. What can we learn from the experiences of lighthouse projects and similar projects? Which challenges do cities face, and which needs do fellow cities have? What withholds local urban ecosystems from replication? How can we build and deploy collective evidence, and which preconditions need to be fulfilled for that? What can research partners learn from experiences in smart city projects? And last but not least, which messages should be delivered to the newly established mission boards regarding needed research and innovation on smart, decarbonised cities and climate change? This event aims to collect key messages, not only for new policy agendas, but also for a highly ambitious research and innovation agenda centering around integrated approaches for planning and implementation, which will be transferred to national policymakers and the Mission Board on Smart and Climate-neutral Cities and other relevant Mission Boards.

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Smart Cities Expo Barcelona

Martin Macaš


Czech Technical University is now being represented by myself at Barcelona Smart City Expo, where also SMART & SUSTAINABLE URBAN FUTURES workshop is being held. The activity supports CTU's participation in Joint Programme Smart Cities of European Energy Research Alliance. Also Urban-EU-China Innovation Platform is involved. More information



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