Términos y condiciones


1.   Company INSPIRELI s.r.o., registered office: Láb 455, ZIP code 900 67, the Slovak Republic, company ID: 46 238 158, incorporated in the Company Register kept at the District Court Bratislava I, section: Sro, file No. 73950/B (hereinafter the „Operator“) is an operator of Internet presentation and its content under the domain located on URL address: http://www.inspireli.com including all text language mutations (hereinafter the „Portal“).

2.   Any person opening the access user account, properly completing the registration process on the Portal and placing the affirmative statement „I agree with the General Operating Terms“ has confirmed acquaintance with these Terms and agreed with being bond by the actual Terms wording (hereinafter the „Registered User“). Registered User commits to provide true and complete personal data and information within the registration process.

3.   The Operator shall process personal data of the Registered Users provided to the Operator within the registration process. Accepting the Terms, the Registered User confers approval to the Operator with his personal data processing within unlimited period. Personal data are collected through corresponding Portal section within the following extent: Name, surname, company name, trader´s name, business site, phone No., e-mail address, company ID and tax ID. The Operator collects and processes personal data for purpose of: (i) fulfillment and provision of operating services to the data subjects and provision of other related Portal activities, (ii) protection of rights and other protected interests of the Operator and data subject, (iii) offering business or services to the data subjects, (iv) marketing analyses and statistical survey purposes – all so that such personal data processing complies with Act No. 428/2002 Coll. on Personal Data Protection as amended by Act No. 602/2003 Coll., No. 576/2004 Coll. and No. 90/2005 Coll. as amended. Persona data provision is voluntary and the Operator is obliged to take care and avoid harm incurred to the data subject rights during the data processing, first of all the rights associated with maintaining the human dignity. Registered User can amend, correct and update his personal data in the corresponding Portal section accessible upon login. Upon request, the Operator shall cancel the Registered User´s account or restrict the access thereto. Along with the user account cancellation, all Registered User´s personal data stored by the Operator shall be deleted.

4.   Main competences of the Registered User on the Portal:

  • upload, modify and cancel photos, pictures or other visual/ graphical work (hereinafter the „Pictures“) displaying interiors and exteriors of buildings, houses, flats, offices, gardens, furniture, equipment and accessories through the corresponding Portal section.
  • evaluate and comment pictures of other Registered Users.

5.   Registered User represents that he is a holder of all copyrights, proprietary rights and other license rights and permits related to the uploaded pictures and acknowledges that he is not authorized to upload pictures on the Portal that are not in his ownership. The pictures and their content shall not violate rights and legitimate interests of third persons, good morale and law and order of the Slovak Republic. Registered User commits to indemnify the Operator for all damages, fulfillments, charges and cost incurred in relation to breach of the statement and violation of his duties pursuant to this provision. Registered User acknowledges that the pictures and references thereto can be placed and showed on third parties´ Internet websites, portals and presentations for purpose of the Portal promotion.

6.   Should the Operator suspect that content of the information and pictures uploaded on and made accessible by the Registered User on the Portal is illegal or unauthorized, affecting the third parties´ rights, the Operator shall delete such content or make such pictures or information inaccessible on permanent or temporary basis and to terminate service provision to such Registered User in the form of sent notice via e-mail.

7.   Registered User commits not to use the Portal to business activities without prior written approval conferred by the Operator.

8.   The Operator is mainly authorized to:

  • delete pictures and comments with inappropriate content or those impairing third persons´ rights.
  • delete the Registered User´s account in case of breached Terms.
  • place its logo on the pictures.
  • add and adjust description of the pictures enabling better searching for and indexing of the pictures.
  • use the pictures for advertisement, marketing, promotion and commercial purposes.
  • place and post the pictures and references thereto on Internet websites, portals and third parties´ presentations.

9.   Registered User confers all authorities to the Operator on free-of-charge basis in compliance with the Terms for entire period of pictures storage on the Portal.

10.   The Operator shall enable the Registered User to order and use further Operator´s  paid services enlisted in the corresponding Portal section. After ordering such paid services through corresponding Portal section, pro-forma invoice shall be issued to the Registered User, serving as a payment rating for the ordered paid services. The order will be considered unbinding until settlement of pro-forma invoice when the final invoice will be issued for and delivered to the Registered User – the tax document. Hereby, the Registered User acknowledges that if he doesn´t draw or use up the ordered paid services for any reasons or obstacles on the Registered User side, he will not be entitled to reimbursement of the whole or partial amount paid for unused paid services.

11.   Registered User acknowledges that the pictures will be displayed also on the Internet searching machines and the whole Internet where the Operator is unable to avoid their sharing, modification and eventual misuse.

12.   Uploading the pictures on the Portal, the Registered User confers approval with the pictures utilization to promotion of the Portal services through various forms of support of visiting his own albums and pictures located therein.

13.   Registered User confers approval with sending the Operator’s commercial notices (so called newsletters) to the e-mail address specified by him upon registration. This approval can be withdrawn at any time, marking it in the received newsletter.

These General Operating Terms have been in effect since Sept 01, 2011.