The Inspireli Awards story

Architecture, ever changing and ever competitive. So much unrecognized talent waiting to be discovered. Academic setting or professional. Developed economy or Emerging. Amongst peers or presented to the Public.

INSPIRELI AWARDS shatters the barriers and levels the field for up and coming talent. Judged by the INSPIRELI AWARDS jury of global powerhouses in design and architecture, INSPIRELI AWARDS recognize talent for talent’s sake.

Conceived jointly by the first President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Havel, and the internationally recognized Professor of architecture Borek Sipek, INSPIRELI AWARDS began with a mission to create a global network for young and talented students and architects.

Professor Borek Sipek designed the “Wings to the Future” trophy for INSPIRELI AWARDS to inspire young talents with wings to lift them to their future in the field of architecture.


INSPIRELI AWARDS organizes the INSPIRELI AWARDS global competition annually.

The winners of the contest are selected by international professionals and peers comprised of:

INSPIRELI AWARDS focuses primarily on architecture and therefore in cooperation with the UIA , there are two categories in which entrants are expected to compete:

Category One "Vision"

Conceptual work which has yet to be realized. These projects represent only concept, design, and vision within the realm of architecture and urban design. This category is especially well suited to students’ or recent graduates’ works.

Category Two "Realization"

Projects that have been realized as architectural and urban design projects. In this category better suits more established and practicing architects.

All projects submitted are compared directly against each other, and the best works within each category is pre-selected. Thereafter, the projects are assessed based on the evaluation criteria defined within the two following frameworks:

Framework A. Based on classic design and architectural principles these criteria define the basis to evaluate completeness of required concept data including project visuals, site plan, context as well as the brief verbal description of the project objectives.

Framework B. Based of the principles symbolized by the "Wings to the future" vase, which define the essence of each creator during his or her creative process. Specifically, the following areas are assessed:

Creativity: evaluating talent, originality and novelty

Harmony: evaluating composition and eloquence

Vision: evaluating the concept, and its thought, imagination, and inventiveness

Audacity: evaluating bravery, courage, and boldness

Wisdom: evaluating insight, understanding, and experience

Agility: evaluating skill and adeptness

Tranquility: evaluating composure and self-confidence

Selection process

Voting on individual projects begins immediately after the INSPIRELI AWARDS kicks off its annual contest on May 1, 2017.

Every registered INSPIRELI user, along with the renowned jury members and the professional public can submit their votes for 3 projects every Monday.

Individuals may vote only once for a given project.

Voting is closed on January 31, 2018 and the selection of finalists for each category follows:

In total 30 entrants will be selected from whom the INSPIRELI jury will select 3 winners within each category. Each project will be discussed and accessed individually to select the winners whose work represents the highest overall quality, creative content, and functional achievements.

  • May 1, 2017 Kick off

  • July 1, 2017 Voting on individual projects begins

  • January 31, 2018 Public voting on INSPIRELI AWARDS closes and 30 semifinalists for each category are selected

  • February 28, 2018 INSPIRELI Jury voting closes and 3 finalists within each category are selected as well as winner of the "Wings" Grand Prize Jury Award

  • April, 2018 Announcing INSPIRELI AWARDS 2017 Prize Winners and annual Gala Ceremony date

Awards prizes

INSPIRELI Vision Award

Awarded to the single best entrant in the Vision category.

INSPIRELI Realization Award

Awarded to the single best entrant in the Realization category.

“Wings” Grand Prize Jury Award

Awarded to the single individual whose work best exemplifies the spirit of the Borek Sipek “Wings to the Future” vase.

“Regional Recognition" Awards

For entrants from selected regions where the number of contestants exceeds 200 contestants.

The winner takes it all! submit your winning project and get the global recognition. INSPIRELI AWARDS is free, easy and gives you the opportunity to tell your story.


Ground-breaking projects like INSPIRELI AWARDS are by definition a group endeavour.

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