Celebrating the best design work of talented architects and students of architecture under the age of 35.

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INSPIRELI Vision Award

Awarded to the best conceptual work which has yet to be realized. These projects represent only concept, design, and vision within the realm of architecture and urban design.

INSPIRELI Realization Award

Awarded to the best architectural or urban design project that has been realized.

"Wings" Grand Prize Jury Award

A winners trophy embodies the spirit of its designer, Czech Professor of architecture Borek Sipek. Inspiring young talents with wings to lift them to a future in architecture. The "Wings to the future" award will have a winners name written in it and will be displayed at the HQ of the UIA in Paris, France.

INSPIRELI Regions Award

Awarded to entrants from selected regions where the number of contestants exceeds 200 contestants.


Ground-breaking projects like INSPIRELI AWARDS are by definition a group endeavour.

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