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Smart Cities Workshop at British Embassy in Prague.

The British Ambassador, Mr Nick Archer, invited a group of people to attend a Smart Cities workshop at Ambassador's Residence.

Smart Cities Workshop at British Embassy in Prague.

The British Ambassador, Mr Nick Archer, introduced himself and started Smart Cities workshop. Then these experts had following presentations.

Daniela Melandri, Europe Manager, Future Cities Catapult  (via Skype)
The catapult model: advancing urban innovation

Vladimír Zadina, Director, and Michal Kraus, Head of Project Department, Smart Prague
Smart Prague and the role of data: giving value to data (use cases) 

Julian Tait, CEO, Open Data Manchester
Unlocking the potential of data  

Robert Spál, Spatial Data Coordinator, Brno City Council 
How data helps to make a better city

Barney Smith, Executive Chair and Founder, Perform Green / Bristol is Open
Towards a smart society

Daniel Minařík, City Energy Manager, Ostrava City Council
Smart city Ostrava         

All participants then joined networking lunch discussing many topics.

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