Who we are

INSPIRELI is an initiative of the international social network of architecture and living, bringing together architectural professionals as well as the general public. Participants can view, share and comment on thousands of photos, and enhance their individual contact networks. INSPIRELI represents an unique platform to present the work of architects to companies as well as to end users or consumers who can contact these professionals through their INSPIRELI profile.

What we do

INSPIRELI opens up a direct channel of communication to architectural professionals and students of architecture across the globe. Every year INSPIRELI organizes a global competition, INSPIRELI AWARDS - the largest international competition for young architects and students of architecture under the age of 35. INSPIRELI AWARDS offers contestants a unique opportunity to be globally recognized by the INSPIRELI AWARDS jury, consisting of renowned professionals and academics. Contestants have the opportunity to set their work alongside best-in class architects, and compare the responses of the general public to their work.

Our team

Our team is composed of a variety of professionals including architectural professionals, designers, software developers, marketing and media specialists as well as thought leaders in our community.

Inspireli brand ambassadors representing Inspireli during discussions with architects and further cooperating subjects in particular country represent an integral part of our team.

Wise fusion of companies

We contact architects and designers from the whole world, creating a wise fusion of mutually not competing companies that jointly share their knowledge, contacts and marketing budgets. This allows us to more effectively address further subjects interested who mutually interconnect thanks to Inspireli.

Especially, we would like to thank to companies Technistone and Sapeli for their contribution as a partnership to the idea of the Inspireli Awards competition and development of social network Inspireli.

Talent support

Huge amount of talented students and graduates from architecture and design could remain unrecognized. We seek talents and present them to the world, interconnecting them in the Inspireli room. We provide opportunities of developing and implementing the visions and ideas of talented people. Competitors and members of jury from all continents attend the competition Inspireli Awards every year:

Universities of architecture and design supporting the competition Inspireli Awards are also a great help for us. Moreover, they obtain a historical overview of the work of their students and graduates.

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