Italian architecture dominates INSPIRELI AWARDS 2016

News 02/22/2017

February 13, 2017- INSPIRELI AWARDS 2016, the largest international competition for young architects and designers under the age of 35, congratulates this year’s winners. Italian architect Giacomo Garziano, as selected by the competition’s international jury of renowned architects, was praised as the brightest new talent of the up and coming generation. Giacomo was selected in close competition among more than one thousand other contestants from 99 countries.

The awards ceremony took place on the first anniversary of the death of Bořek Šípek, the Chairman of the first INSIPERELI AWARDS 2015, who, along with Václav Havel, inspired the original idea of an international competition for young architects.

INSPIRELI AWARDS 2016 took place in the Vaclav and Dagmar Havel’s VIZE 97 St. Anna’s church, attended by Czech Minister of Culture Daniel Herman, member of parliament Karel Schwarzenberg, and ambassadors from various countries to the Czech Republic. Also in attendance were renowned world architects: Otto Dvořák (Czech Republic), Jürgen Mayer (Germany), Claudien Mulimilwam (Congo), Gan Pei (China), Martin Dusasko (Australia), Michal Postránecký (USA), Francois Valentiny (Luxemburg), Petr Kolář (Czech Republic), Juraj Hermann (Slovakia), Budi Pradono (Indonesia), Giancarlo Alhadeff (Italy), Alexandrin Buraga (Moldova), Tamara Panchenko (Ukraine,) and Jerzy Chrochulski (Poland).

A professional jury of 55 accomplished architects from 39 countries faced a difficult decision to choose the best young architect from the 1,051 competitors. “To identify the best submissions was no easy task, as nearly all of the competitors have demonstrated considerable talent and professional skills,” explained Otto Dvořák, the Chairman of the Jury of the INSPIRELI AWARDS 2016.

Giacomo Garziano won the overall competition with his project for the renovation of an old house in Altmura, Italy. “I considered INSPIRELI an innovative platform connecting Universities, Institutions, young professionals and leading companies in the field. I had no expectations when I registered for the contest, I just wanted to share my ideas with my peers all around the world. The victory was therefore a great surprise, which I believe, will open new possibilities. Now it is up to me, how will I use this opportunity,” asserted Giacomo Garziano. Of Garziano’s work, Otto Dvořák noted “the residential object is a product of a mature, informed and clear vision. The design process is carried out by a strong original idea with skillful references to scale and the indigenous vocabulary of its traditional street context.”

Second place was awarded to Japanese student of architecture Daiki Watanabe and third place was awarded in a tie to both Iranian architect Somayeh Ravanshadnia and Italian architect Magdalena Tröbinger. The winner of public voting was French architect Said Belmir.

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